-UVC Surface Disinfection Cabinet

The new, safer, more efficient and more cost-effective method for disinfecting small objects.

Ultraviolet radiation has been used for disinfection for about half a century. It is most commonly used in water purification, laboratories and industrial processes. Problems with conventional systems are ozone and ionizing radiation produced by fluorescent UV tubes, which damages the materials to be disinfected. UV light is also harmful to humans.

LED Tailor has launched the WiSDOM DS disinfection cabinet based on a new generation of UVC LEDs that allow disinfection to be carried out extremely efficiently and in a completely harmless manner only in three minutes. Also suitable for disinfection of sensitive materials, including plastics and electronics.


Fast 3 min disinfection program

Destroys bacteria, mold, yeast, spores and viruses

Safe for materials and humans (STUK 2017)

70% cheaper than disposable disinfection wipes

The best solution for surface disinfection in the following environments:

• hospitals
• laboratories
• cleanrooms
• food industry
• nursing homes
• schools and day care centers
• dental clinics
• veterinary clinics
• grocery stores
• restaurants and kitchens

installation instructionsCE certificate

The fastest and most effective disinfection for example for the following objects:

• phones
• keyboards and mice
• tablets and laptops
• keycards
• eyeglasses
• keys
• stethoscopes
• pipettes
• fever and blood pressure
gauges and cuffs
• tourniquets
• protective goggles
• combs and brushes
• pacifiers and toys

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The antimicrobial effect of UVC on microbes

UVC radiation is absorbed into the DNA and RNA of microbes, where it efficiently destroys the genetic material. The microbes are then unable to reproduce and simply die off.

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