Safe disinfection
without chemicals

Our solutions are used for effective disinfection of spaces and objects,
and they also work on antibiotic-resistant bacteria (incl. MRSA, EHEC, ESBL).

Surface disinfection

Our photon disinfection innovations are the sustainable solution to your microbe problems. The system enables safe production of food and beverages, restrains epidemies and answers the needs of cleanrooms. Our solutions improve safety and vitality of employees and reduce microbiological and chemical risks in healthcare and industrial sites.

Photon disinfection system consists of blue Spectral Blue® disinfection system, which is in use when the disinfected area is unoccupied. With photocatalytic coating the effect of lights can be amplified for destroying also viruses, spores, odours and harmful VOC-compounds. WiSDOM DS surface disinfection cabinet is used for efficiently disinfecting small objects in just 3 minutes.


• Disinfection of complete rooms (both air and surfaces)
• Surface disinfection of objects (even sensitive materials and electronics)
• Reduction of airborne particles (organic and inorganic)
• Improving air quality by removing i.a. VOCs ja odours
• Water purification (eradication of microbes and algae)


UV-free and better occupational safety without chemicals

Destroys bacteria, mold and viruses

Does not promote antimicrobial resistance


No running cost


Always consistent results, no human-factor




Suitable for sensitive materials (test report 2017)

Photon Disinfection System

Blue disinfection lighting:

Spectral Blue® series

Blue light has been shown to destroy bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi with high efficiency. It’s power can be enhanced to destroy also viruses and endospores. LED Tailor photon disinfection system deploys blue light at night or whenever the targeted space is not in use.

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Extra effectivity against viruses:

Catalytic coating

The efficiency of the LED Tailor disinfection system can be enhanced by applying a Spectral Blue photocatalytic coating on room surfaces. The coating utilizes a phenomenon known as photocatalysis, in which the energy of light triggers a chemical reaction that produces short-lived reactive oxygen species. The reaction is produced by a catalyst, which in the LED Tailor coating is titanium dioxide (TiO2).

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The coated surface is exposed to blue WiSDOM AiR light
The activated coating starts to produce reactive oxygen species
The reactive oxygen species react with the viruses and VOCs disintegrating them
The reactive oxygen species are neutralized to water and carbon dioxide
Disinfection for smaller objects:

WiSDOM DS UVC surface disinfection cabinet

WiSDOM DS UVC surface disinfection cabinet disinfects small objects safely without any chemicals and with consistently good results. Non-ionizing and therefore suitable for sensitive materials, such as plastics and electronics.

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Environments of use

  • Hospitals:  Operating rooms, laboratories, isolation wards, patient rooms, instruments, sanitary spaces
  • Dental practices: Treatment rooms, equipment and instrument disinfection
  • Nursing homes: Sanitary spaces, kitchens, isolation wards, instruments and equipment
  • Day care centers and schools: Sanitary spaces, kitchens, toy disinfection
  • Veterinary practises: Operating rooms, treatment rooms, laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Cleanrooms, laboratories, changing rooms
  • Laboratories: Cleanrooms, changing rooms, fume hoods
  • Animal farming: Pig farming, poultry farming, cattle farming, egg production
  • Sports academies: Changing rooms, exercise spaces, sanitary spaces, equipment disinfection
  • Restaurants and grocery stores: Dishes and baking areas, warehouses, retail areas, sanitary spaces
  • Ships and other vessels: Cabins, kitchens, sanitary spaces, children’s play areas
  • Food industry: Production lines and areas, laboratories, changing rooms, warehouses
  • Electronics industry: Cleanrooms, changing rooms

We also provide tailored solutions for industrial applications
and equipment manufacturers


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All we need:

• Room dimensions
• Luminaire installation height
• Time window for blue light

We calculate spesific plan for the lighting

The plan includes calculation and a cost-effective quotation.


Easy to read installation instructions include in the delivery.

Microbe problem solved!

You are free to use the space as used to.