LED Tailor Photocatalytic Coating

– The only method proven by an independent western laboratory for the disinfection of surfaces using photocatalytic coating.

TiO₂-based photocatalytic coating is activated by blue light. It eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, and yeasts. Normal room light alone may not be sufficient for actual disinfection, as disinfection always needs certain wavelengths of blue light to function. That is why you need the complete solution of blue light and coating.

The efficiency of LED Tailor Blue Light Photon Disinfection system can be further enhanced by applying a Spectral Blue™ photocatalytic coating on surfaces. The coating utilizes a phenomenon known as photocatalysis: energy of light starts a chemical reaction on the surface, producing short-lived Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

The ROS disintegrate all microbes, including viruses, on the surface. In addition to blue light the reaction needs a catalyst, which in the LED Tailor coating is titanium dioxide (TiO₂). The coating is applied by spraying a very thin, invisible layer that does not affect the breathability of the surfaces.

Photocatalysis has been known for decades and it has been used for example in self-cleaning windows. The first coatings required ultraviolet light, which limited the use to outdoors or required dangerous UV lamps. Now you can get the effect safely also indoors using LED Tailor’s Blue Light.

Destroys viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast and viruses on surfaces

Disintegrates VOCs and odors

Transparent and invisible treatment

Does not wear in the reaction

Have your premises already been treated with TiO₂ coating?

By just adding blue disinfection lights, you will get a real, automatic and effective disinfection system – contact us and we will make a proposal for your specific needs.

The coated surface is exposed to blue WiSDOM AiR light
The activated coating starts to produce reactive oxygen species
The reactive oxygen species react with the viruses and VOCs disintegrating them
The reactive oxygen species are neutralized to water and carbon dioxide

Photocatalytic reaction explained

  1. The coating is activated by light with suitable wavelength and intensity.
  2. The activated coating produces reactive oxygen species, ROS (superoxide radicals (•O₂-), hydroperoxide radicals (•HO₂), hydroxyl radicals (•OH and H₂O₂).
  3. The ROS are extremely short-lived, reacting with the microbes and VOCs on the surface.
  4. Microbes and VOCs disintegrate, and ROS are neutralized into water and carbon dioxide.


UV-free and better occupational safety without chemicals

Destroys bacteria, mold and viruses

Scientifically proven method. Does not promote antimicrobial resistance


No running cost


Always consistent results, no human-factor


Reduces chemical load and doesn't produce waste


Suitable for sensitive materials (test report 2017)

The antimicrobic effect of blue light and photocatalytic coating

In summer 2020, laboratory test were conducted at the FINAS accredited MetropoliLab to determine the efficiency of LED Tailor’s photon disinfection system in inactivation of E.Coli (ATCC 25922).

The bacteria were spread out on the bottom of plastic petri dish and irradiated with low density blue light (0,7mW/cm2) under regular office conditions. Each test result contains three parallel samples from each point of analysis. Error bars show SD (Standard deviation).

2-hour irradiation resulted in reduction of over 99,9% (over 3 log10). Already after 30 min the reduction was 99% (2 log10). The results show that blue light and photocatalytic coating is the most effective method of disinfecting surfaces that is not harmful to humans or materials. In this test measurements were made for bacteria, but in photon disinfection, viruses die faster than bacteria.

Photocatalytic coating customer experience: Viola Nursing home

In a nursing home, hygiene is crucial for ensuring the safety of customers and employees alike. The highly contagious norovirus survives especially well on surfaces, and it appears around the same time every year, affecting customers, staff and even temporary employees.

Viola Nursing Home made preparations for the norovirus season well in advance. All toilet surfaces were treated with the transparent catalytic coating that helps the blue light destroy viruses on the surfaces.

“Thanks to LED Tailor this year we were able to prevent the spread of the annual stomach epidemic for the first time! In addition to general well-being, the investment has also brought us savings, since staff absences decreased significantly during the epidemic as compared to previous years.”

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Investing in a functioning disinfection solution is an important process. The decision to buy should always be done with utmost care. But how to identify truly effective disinfection solutions?

LED Tailor's solutions are based on science, years of microbiological research work and testing. Our solutions are used in demanding sites such as operating rooms in hospitals.

Read the article by LED Tailor's Lead Scientist Camilla Höglund on how to identify working disinfection solutions.

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