Photon Disinfection System

Blue disinfection system:

Spectral Blue™ series

Blue light has been shown to destroy bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi with high efficiency. It’s power can be enhanced to destroy also viruses and endospores. LED Tailor photon disinfection system deploys blue light at night or whenever the targeted space is not in use.

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Extra effectivity against viruses:

Catalytic coating

The efficiency of the LED Tailor disinfection system can be enhanced by applying a Spectral Blue Catalytic coating on room surfaces. The coating utilizes a phenomenon known as photocatalysis, in which the energy of light triggers a chemical reaction that produces short-lived reactive oxygen species. The reaction is produced by a catalyst, which in the LED Tailor coating is titanium dioxide (TiO2).

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Disinfection for smaller objects:

WiSDOM DS UVC surface disinfection cabinet

WiSDOM DS UVC surface disinfection cabinetdisinfects small objects safely without any chemicals and with consistently good results. Non-ionizing and therefore suitable for sensitive materials, such as plastics and electronics.

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