Light Therapy


We offer non-ionizing, UV-free and chemical-free light therapy products for home use. Light therapy is a cost-effective and harmless method for preventing and relieving the symptoms of for example skin problems, periodontitis, newborn jaundice and muscle and joint ache.


There are several forms of light therapy and different wavelengths of light have different kind of effects. Unlike treatment with traditional UV light, the blue light therapy does not burn the skin and it does not increase the production of cancer cells. Blue light has an antimicrobic effect, which disinfects and treats wounded or damaged skin. It can inactivate inflammatory factors by penetrating up to 2 mm into the skin.


Why to choose blue light therapy?

  • Chemical-free – no need for use of harmful chemicals
  • UV-free – does not cause cancer or tan the skin
  • Safe for all skin types – suitable for people who burn easily
  • 100% natural – blue light simulates the best aspects of sunlight without aging the skin
  • Silent – can be used at any time of the day without disturbing others
  • Doesn’t harm the skin – no mutagenic effects on cells
  • Painless – doesn’t itch, burn or sting
  • Doesn’t require any recovery time – you can continue your normal daily life after each treatment session
  • Safe for all ages – can be used with babies and children
  • Medicine free – no need for cortisone in the treatment of psoriasis or atopic eczema

    The most effective blue light therapy luminaire in the world! This completely harmless and UV-free blue LED light is used for treatment and prevention of symptoms of psoriasis and atopy. PURE COMPLEXiON simulates the best parts of sunlight, without the risks of burning or aging the skin. Easy to use at home at any time. Suitable for mild, mediocre and even challenging and widespread skin symptoms.

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