Cleaner indoor air

Soundless, maintenance-free and automatic solution for air purifying.

Indoor Air Quality Issue Sites

Indoor air quality issues may develop quickly to situation where finding the substitute premises is crucial. The substitute premises may be difficult to find and they add significantly expenses not to forget the moving and disinfection expenses. LED Tailor’s photon disinfection system based on the blue light is easy and inexpensive solution to solve indoor air quality issues. The system purifies indoor air effectively which enables safe working environment in classrooms so moving to substitute premises can be avoided. The investment pays itself back in only few months!

The photon disinfection system consists of blue Spectral Blue™ system that is used at night time or when the space to be disinfected is not occupied. With Spectral Blue Catalytic coating the effectivity of the luminaires can be boosted to destroy also viruses, spores, odours and harmful VOC compounds. The system runs fully automatically and to use it you won’t need any extra initiation.

90% more inexpensive than substitute premises

Installation can be done at night time or during weekend


The use of the spaces may continue as used to


UV-free and better occupational safety without chemicals

Destroys mold, odours, microbes and VOCs.

Does not promote antimicrobial resistance


No running costs, no filters to be changed


Always consistent results, no human-factor


No moving components


Suitable for sensitive materials (test report 2017)

Photon Disinfection System

Blue disinfection lighting:

Spectral Blue™ series

Blue light has been shown to destroy bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi with high efficiency. It’s power can be enhanced to destroy also viruses and endospores. LED Tailor photon disinfection system deploys blue light at night or whenever the targeted space is not in use.

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Extra effectivity against viruses:

Photocatalytic Coating

The efficiency of the LED Tailor photon disinfection system can be enhanced by applying a Spectral Blue photocatalytic coating on room surfaces. The coating utilizes a phenomenon known as photocatalysis, in which the energy of light triggers a chemical reaction that produces short-lived reactive oxygen species. The reaction is produced by a catalyst, which in the LED Tailor coating is titanium dioxide (TiO2).

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All we need:

• Room dimensions
• Luminaire installation height
• Time window for blue light

We calculate spesific plan for the lighting

The plan includes calculation and a cost-effective quotation.


Easy to read installation instructions include in the delivery.

Indoor air quality problem solved!

You are free to use the space as used to.