Environments of use

Examples of customers with most benefit from solutions delivered by LED Tailor

LED Tailor delivers innovative and chemical-free disinfection solutions based on LED light. We are constantly developing the technology and conducting research with our international network. Possible areas of application occur almost everywhere, where a high level of hygiene is maintained.


• Disinfection of complete rooms (both air and surfaces)
• Surface disinfection of objects (even sensitive materials and electronics)
• Reduction of airborne particles (organic and inorganic)
• Improving air quality by removing i.a. VOCs ja odours
• Water purification (eradication of microbes and algae)


• Hospitals
Operating rooms, laboratories, isolation wards, patient rooms, instruments
• Hospital pharmacies
Clean rooms, isolation wards, fume hoods

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• Dental practices
Treatment rooms, equipment and instrument disinfection

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• Nursing homes
Sanitary spaces, kitchens, isolation wards, instruments and equipment

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• Pharmaceutical industry
Cleanrooms, laboratories, changing rooms

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• Food industry
Production lines and areas, laboratories, changing rooms, warehouses

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• Electronics industry
Cleanrooms, changing rooms
• Laboratories
Cleanrooms, changing rooms, fume hoods

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• Animal farming
Pig farming, poultry farming, cattle farming, egg production

• Slaughterhouses and meat processing

Public spaces

• Day care centers and schools
Sanitary spaces, kitchens, toy disinfection

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• Sports academies
Changing rooms, exercise spaces, sanitary spaces, equipment disinfection

• Ships and other vessels
Cabins, kitchens, sanitary spaces, children’s play areas

• Restaurants and grocery stores
Dishes and baking areas, warehouses, retail areas, sanitary spaces

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• Swimming baths and spas

• Gyms

• Hotels

• Airports and airplanes

• Public transportation

Veterinary practices

Operating rooms, treatment rooms, laboratories

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