-white general light

Pure white, daylight-like light that restricts the growth of microbes.

ANTiBAC produces a flicker-free and energizing pure white light. ANTiBAC also functions as part of the LED Tailor photon disinfection system, restricting the growth of microbes and activating the purifying properties of Catalytic coating much more efficiently than ordinary lights.

The white ANTiBAC light is designed to replace traditional general lighting. Existing fluorescent tubes can be replaced with LED tubes without having to change the lighting fixture. Special luminaires with greater luminous flux are also available.



Restricts the growth of microbes


50% less energy consumption over standard tubes

Traditional 4000K fluorescent tube

Traditional 4000K LED-luminaire


The exceptional properties of ANTiBAC light are the result of its precisely controlled spectrum. Although the light is perceived as being pure white, it contains multiple amount of blue wavelengths than typical fuorescent or LED lights, thereby also activating the cleansing action of Catalytic coating much more effciently than ordinary light.

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LED tube


• Fits standard T8 fluorescent tube luminaires, no need for changing the whole luminaire.
• 50% less energy consumption over standard fluorescent tubes.
• Available 600, 900, 1200 and 1500 mm.

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Panel luminaire


• High protection class panel luminaire for most common ceiling structures.
• Includes both white ANTiBAC light and also blue WiSDOM AiR disinfection light.
• Tunable colour temperature 2200 – 10000 K.

General light


• Powerful general light for areas with a need for high luminous flux.

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TiO₂ catalytic coating

ANTiBAC white light activates the purifying properties of Catalytic coating.

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