LED Tailor is a Finnish life-science company specializing in the development and manufacture of chemical-free disinfection solutions based on visible blue light. Our solutions contribute to better surface hygiene and air quality in pharmaceutical cleanrooms, laboratories, healthcare facilities, food production facilities, and sites with indoor air quality issues.

All our products are developed and manufactured in Finland. Our continuous R&D is conducted within an extensive international network of expertise. We are the first European company to supply disinfection solutions based on blue light.

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Our solutions are used for effective disinfection of spaces and objects, and they also work on antibiotic-resistant bacteria (incl. MRSA, VRE, EHEC, ESBL). In addition to contributing to a cleaner and safer environment, they create significant savings in the consumption of chemicals, water and energy, as well as in sick leave and healthcare costs.

Surface disinfection

Chemical-free, safe and automatic disinfection for spaces and objects.

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Indoor Air Quality Issue Sites

Low-cost effortless solution for indoor air quality issues.

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Pure, reliable, natural, innovative

We believe that in the future blue will be recognized as a colour of cleanliness as we nowadays perceive green as ecological thing and red as a sign of warning.

Blue is Clean™ is a sign of safe, microbe- and chemical-free environment.