PURE COMPLEXiON blue light therapy is an unprecedented effective for reliever and removal of skin symptoms. The effect of the light is based on a non-hazardous UV free blue LED light. The light stimulates the best aspects of the sunlight without burning or the risks of skin aging. You can treat the skin problem area easily yourself at home whether it be mild, moderate or severe skin symptom.

Clinical researches:


  • Blue light doesn’t cause harm to skin – Awakowicz P et al. Contributions to Plasma Physics. 2009; 49 (9): 641 – 647.
  • Blue light radiation slows down the produce of the skin cells – Liebmann J, Born M, Kolb-Bachofen MV. Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2010; 130: 259 – 269.
  • Blue light advances the processes that reduce inflammations – Fischer M et al. Experimental Dermatology. 2013; 22: 554 – 563.
  • The positive effects of blue light has been proved in the clinical researches – Weinstabl A et al. Dermatology.
  • Blue light managed to destroy whole eczema areas with some of the patients – Pfaff S et al. Dermatology 2015; 231: 24 – 34


  • Becker D, Langer E, Seemann G, Fell I, Seemann M, Saloga J, Grabbe S, von Stebut E, et al. Clinical Efficacy of Blue Light Full Body Irradiation as Treatment Option for Severe Atopic Dermatitis. 2011



We help you to choose the right PURE COMPLEXiON -light! We are also available with planning the light therapy period and the analysis of the development of the symptoms.

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